Liquid Gold

Argan oil is often referred to as liquid gold for reasons that you will soon understand.

Argan oil comes from a tree endemic to Morocco officially called Argania spinosa. It’s fruits are harvested, peeled and stripped of their pulp. The hard inner shell is then cracked by hand and a few small kernels are removed from the center.

Argan tree

If the Argan oil is going to be extracted for culinary use, the kernels are roasted and then pressed. Because of the roasting, this type of Argan oil is darker and has a nutty aroma and taste. The heat also damages many of the beneficial nutrients in the oil.

For cosmetic purposes, the raw kernels are cold-pressed (no heat is used) and the lighter, gold colored oil (hence the term liquid gold) is extracted. This oil has very little scent or taste but has many more nutrients. This raw oil is also known as extra virgin Argan oil and can be further differentiated into grades A or B. Grade A comes from the first press and has the highest amount of nutrients. Grade B is from the second press and has fewer nutrients.

argan kernels

80% of Argan oil is composed of unsaturated fatty acids. One of the most abundant is Linoleic acid which is an essential Omega-6 fatty acid and is necessary to the normal growth and function of healthy cells. It increases the rate of cell regeneration and healing and acts as a mild anti-inflammatory.

It contains Vitamin E which is an organic, naturally occurring preservative and antioxidant. This increases the shelf life of the oil, accelerates skin healing and has even been proposed to reduce scarring and stretch marks.

Phenols such as caffeic acid, oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catechol, resorcinol, epicatechin and catechin are found in Argan oil as well. These are antioxidants which may protect the skin against oxidative stress which is responsible for aging. The caffeic acid has also been proven to accelerate wound healing.

Squalene is an organic precursor to a steroid which has been proposed to be a chemopreventive substance meaning it may protect the skin from developing cancer.

For hair, it will increase the strength, decrease split ends and give a natural shine.

For nails, it will increase the strength and hydrate the cuticles.

If you decide you would like to try Argan oil, please make sure that it is 100% Organic, 100% pure, cold-pressed, Grade A, Moroccan Argan oil like we sell here at Pronounce Products. There are many other companies selling it for very low prices because it is either culinary oil, Grade B oil or impure.

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What is actually in your makeup?

Look at your favorite lipstick, foundation, bronzer or blush and chances are you’ll find one of the following ingredients- Cochineal dye, E120, Carmine, Natural red 4 or Crimson lake.

These synonymous terms are used in the cosmetic industry to disguise the actual ingredient which is actually made by crushing a parasitic Cochineal beetle. This beetle is native to Mexico and South America and produces carminic acid which is a natural deterrent to predators because of it’s extremely bitter taste. The carminic acid is even more concentrated in the females eggs as it deters ants and other insects from eating them. The acid also happens to have a bright crimson color.

In order to produce the dye, the entire beetle is dried and then crushed into a fine powder (legs, bodies, eggs and all). The powder is boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate and then filtered. Next, aluminum is added to precipitate the red aluminum salt. Other substances such as lime may be added to change the color to purple. Finally, this powder is added to multiple types of cosmetics for coloring.

Although the FDA has not banned the use of carmine, there is significant concern over its risk of allergic reaction. The Center for Science in the Public Interest made a request to the FDA in 2006 that all products containing Carmine also have a warning label explicitly stating that it may cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. This request was declined by the FDA.

Here at Pronounce Products, we decided to take things into our own hands to give you a better option when buying your cosmetics. Our products are not only safe and organic but you can also “Pronounce” the ingredients. For coloring, we use things like naturally occurring clays, fruit and flower extracts, and cocoa powder.

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Welcome to Pronounce Products

Welcome to Pronounce Products.

After almost a year of experimenting with different organic recipes for our products, we are finally ready to release them to the public.

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